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[ Nobuko Nagaoka ] Art Director : : Creative Director

Her work ethic was unparalleled and she demanded the best from her people. Having worked with her on direct mail, corporate literature, brand TV and print, I saw that she was adept at working in any medium and truly focused on the brand. For all these reasons she earned the respect of her clients and coworkers alike.”

Ed Han, Senior Art Director, FCB-Chicago

“I have had the distinct privilege of knowing and working with Nobuko at several agencies over the years. She is one of the most talented creative people I know. She's a tasty designer and art director who's work is not only beautiful and compelling but is also incredibly strategic. As a creative director Nobuko knows how to bring the very best out of those under her, she's demanding, she knows the difference between good work and great work and knows how to lead younger, less experienced people, to create work that is great.”

Derek Moore, SVP, Executive Creative Director

“Nobuko is an extremely talents art director to the point in which Fathom always leans on to get work completed in a timely and professional manor. Her work is always flawless and her ideas are always on target. She has an amazing rep in the business for a reason.”

Eleni Petridis, Assistant Production Manager, Fathom Communications

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